The Crab and Winkle Journey

This picture trail depicts the development of Whitstable Fish Market, with the creation inspired by owner Peter Bennett.

The Crab & Winkle Restaurant was opened on top of the Market in 1996. This changed a fully industrial harbour to what you enjoy today.

Wee Willie Winkle kitchen and seating areas featuring the Oyster Fountain was introduced from 2010 ~ 2014

Having celebrated our 20th anniversary last year we look forward to seeing you at the Crab and Winkle soon.


Peter Bennett

The Crab and Winkle Story

The ‘Crab & Winkle’ was the nickname of the very first steam driven passenger railway in the world which ran from Canterbury to Whitstable Harbour. It opened on the 3rd May 1830. With George & Robert Stephenson Supervising engineers.
The first train, called the ‘Invicta’ was based on the design of the Rocket and left Canterbury at 11.25am.
To the sound of the Cathedral bells, Cannons firing and bands playing. Day-trippers came from Canterbury to bathe in the sea and enjoy the wonderful seafood which Whitstable was, and still is, famous for.
Hence the affectionate nickname – ‘The Crab & Winkle’

First came the Fish Market which is now situated on the old railway turntable, visitors used to stumble upon the amazing collection of fish for sale from the local fishing boats. The word got out and now the town is visited by people from all over the world, thus the Crab & Winkle was born.

We give to you one of the finest places to dine, buy and enjoy fresh, local seafood with the best sea views and sun sets you could wish to see.